Hello my loves! I have missed you all! After being gone for so long, I needed to come back. I got so busy at the end of the school year last year, and I just hadn’t gotten the chance to come back on.

Now I’m in college, and I’m thinking of starting a mini series on here about the application process, FAFSA, and college life in general. What do you guys think? Is this a good idea or a bad one? Let me know.

Anyway, I have some new things coming up on here AND my other blog! Stay tuned to see!

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I Got The Lead!

This post is a bit delayed since I have been so busy with rehearsals and things like that, but I got the lead in the school musical! This year is the first year my school will be putting on a 9-12 musical, so we will be making school history.

We will be putting on Little Shop of Horrors in April, and I will be playing Audrey. Sadly, our school doesn’t give us money for this, so we are working hard to raise it. At this point we are working towards lavalier mics because we have none.

We really need these mics to be able to put on a good show. Please please take a second and donate to our cause. Any amount will help, and we will all greatly appreciate it! If you can’t make a donation, I hope you would be willing to share our link on your facebook or twitter or other social media. http://www.gofundme.com/SaugertiesHigh

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Merry Christmas! Where Did My SD Card Go?

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

I said last week that I would be posting a review every Tuesday and Thursday. I spent a day last week taking pictures for blogs that would have gone through the end of January. I put my SD card in my computer, made two blog posts, and then put away my computer with the SD card still in it.

Sadly, yesterday I grabbed my computer to make a new post, and realized that my SD card was gone. I don’t know where it could have possibly gone because it was left in my computer, and it isn’t in my camera either. I guess my Christmas money will be partly put towards a new SD card because I need one to continue doing reviews. For now, I am going to continue doing reviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but they might not have pictures until I get the new SD card unless I can find some online.

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Ebay Update

I said I was going to list every time I posted, but I couldn’t post the link from my phone. I will try to post what I’m selling as often as I can but feel free to check the link as often as you like.

Currently I have listed:
6 Baby-Sitters little sister books
3 Baby-Sitters Club books
1 Cell Phone (Blackberry Storm Unlocked)
2 Leap Pad Cartridges
1 Aeropostale reusable coupon

I will be listing:4 Goosebumps books
2 Mary-Kate and Ashley Books
Similac Baby Formula
50+ other books
And other things not listed

Feel free to click here and see what I have for sale! If there is anything you are looking for that you think I might have based on posted things, comment down below. If you are looking for one of the things I have posted and you would like to get it for a certain price, comment down below the way you would like me to get in touch with you and we can discuss it.

Have a wonderful day! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful Black Friday experience.

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I Moved!

   About three weeks ago I moved into a new house. It’s a nice three bedroom, and my room has a bathroom!
   I wanted to make a quick post to let you all know I have a lot of things I am selling that I am going to be listing on Ebay and craigslist. Once I start listing them I will post once a night everything I listed that day. Hopefully you guys can find something you like!

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Back To School

Hey everybody! Did you miss me? Sorry I was gone for so long, I didn’t post the whole summer because I ended up getting really busy, that included getting two of my wisdom teeth taken out, I still need to get the other ones done. Let me know if you want me to blog about that and tell you my experiance, I can definitely post a few times about it. I was planning on making a post about it when I got them out but I never got to it.

On the other hand, today was my first day of my senior year! I can’t believe highschool has gone by so fast! Soon enough I will be out on my own fending for myself!

I’m thinking about starting a blog reguarding college and searching for the right one along with actually applying and then once the time comes, my life in college. Let me know what you think of that idea.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great start to their school year if it has started for you already. Drive carefully, school is in session and there were a lot of fender benders this morning on the way to school.

Just so you all know, I just bought myself a smart phone so hopefully I will be able to post more often now.

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And Now, To Cram

Today was the last official day of school! Tomorrow and Wednesday I have regents exams and then I have to be at graduation for band and choir on 6/22 and then I’m done! Hello Summer!!! (:

I’m sitting here blogging as a break from studying, and I don’t really feel like its over. Its hard to believe next year I will be graduating and heading off to college. I feel like just yesterday I was graduating elementary school, but really it’s my little brother graduating elementary school. It’s crazy how fast time goes by.

On a completely different note, I need a bit of computer help. I use firefox and I have advertisements EVERYWHERE. They are popping up on the site and on the bottom and they have an X to get rid of them, but how do I make them stop coming completely? I have pop ups blocked so I don’t know why these are coming up. If you know how to fix this problem please let me know.

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