First blog!!!

Well this is my first blog on here. I have been thinking about blogging for a while and I asked a lot of friends about if I should blog or not. A few said no, but I guess as you can see I’m going against them! I’m going to do this sort of like a journal on, I will put my mood and stuff at the bottom of my entry.
So I guess I’ll be looking for feedback on this(: Tell me what you think of my blogging!
Lately I have been taking a lot of pictures with my mom’s camera, I’m getting my own tomorrow. I can’t wait! There will be many more pictures to come. If you want to see a gallery of my pictures and poem, feel free to look at my deviant art.
So Degrassi…I love Degrassi. This season is INTENSE so far(: I can’t wait for tonight’s episode. Does anyone else like that show?? Wanna chat about it? Go a head and get at me about it!!
I don’t have much to write this time, but I decided I wanted to get started today. Feel free to leave me a comment about my blogs or what ever.

Mood: Happy(:
Listening to: Perfect two by auburn
Reading: Percy Jackson series
Watching: Degrassi


About music12301

I am an avid reader and writer. I love to blog about just about anything in the world that I think of. My blogs can be completely random or well thought out and planned, but never the less, they are all my own. I also love to sing and act and music is a big part of my life. I played the flute for 6 years and I also played the piccolo when it was needed in band. I recently began learning how to play the oboe and I love it. I plan to go to college for music and theater.
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