Dance Disaster

Picture this…You are at a dance with this guy you are totally into. All of a sudden you get nervous, and nauseous. You and your date are slow dancing..and all of a sudden you feel it coming. You are about to blow! “OH NO!!!” you think, how could you ruin this moment by running off to the bathroom, you can stick it out just a little longer, can’t you? Apparently you cant…You throw up all over your date and EVERYONE sees it happen. There are even pictures taken and soon the whole school will know. So now you lost the guy, everyone is going to pick on you for it, and the only reason you need to go to the bathroom now is maybe to cry or something.

Now, I know that was pretty random, and it never happened to me, but imagine if it happened to you? How horrible would it be hearing people in the hallways talk about what happened at the dance. There is no way you can ever live this down.
Moral of the story: Don’t vomit on your date

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Mood: bored
Reading: ellen foster by kaye gibbson
listening to: magic


About music12301

I am an avid reader and writer. I love to blog about just about anything in the world that I think of. My blogs can be completely random or well thought out and planned, but never the less, they are all my own. I also love to sing and act and music is a big part of my life. I played the flute for 6 years and I also played the piccolo when it was needed in band. I recently began learning how to play the oboe and I love it. I plan to go to college for music and theater.
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