Essay Catastrophe

Here I am just trying to do an English project, but I never thought it would become so annoyingly difficult to be persuasive. I’m just typing away and I start reading through it and of course what do I realize? I am writing it as if I was blogging about the topic, which of course brought me here!

Why is it that this is turning into such a catastrophe? I just want to get this project done and over with, but I can’t seem to be persuasive with out going off on a tangent. I have a feeling this essay is going to take me a while, which is very unusual for me. If I didn’t have to write it as a persuasive essay maybe I wouldn’t have such a problem, but I really feel like I am just going on a rant about it.

My objective is to persuade the reader why I believe or do not believe that a name/reputation is an imperative part of our existence. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could just rant about it, but I actually have to do this for a grade. Not to mention I have to use examples from The Crucible. I guess it isn’t that bad, but I want to get a good grade on this so I really need to have it well written.

I guess that being said, I should probably get back to work on it instead of blogging. I thought writing a post about it would clear my mind and get me out of blog mode and back into classroom mode. It honestly did help and I think now that my mind is clear I can actually write this essay. I will let you guys know how I did on it when I get it back. Bye for now! Love you all!<3


About music12301

I am an avid reader and writer. I love to blog about just about anything in the world that I think of. My blogs can be completely random or well thought out and planned, but never the less, they are all my own. I also love to sing and act and music is a big part of my life. I played the flute for 6 years and I also played the piccolo when it was needed in band. I recently began learning how to play the oboe and I love it. I plan to go to college for music and theater.
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