Blogging Goals 2016

If you couldn’t already tell, I haven’t really been blogging much. I thought when I got a smart phone that it would be easier to blog and that I would do it more often but in reality, every time I scheduled a post it either didn’t post or something was wrong with it. At that point I was writing my posts and publishing them right as I wrote them, but now that I’m in college that isn’t always going to work for me.

This year I plan to post at least once a week. It will probably end up being more like two or three times a week, but I’m going to strive to get at least one post out a week.

On January 1st I started a notebook where I’m keeping all of the ideas I have for posts and I’m keeping track of when I write them and when they are getting posted. I have about half a page of different things I want to post. I also started working on things I want to post on my review blog.

I’m currently working on writing posts and scheduling them for when I want them to post and I have a couple weeks of posts currently scheduled. I really enjoy blogging so I really do want to keep it up this year. I hope for this year to be the most consistent year since I’ve opened my blog.

If you have anything you would like to see either here or on my other blog please let me know. I would love to hear from you all and I would love to do posts that you guys want to see!

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Business Goals 2016

As many of you may know, I am a Perfectly Posh independent consultant. I don’t do it for the money, I do it because I love the products. I started this summer and my business has been moving slowly but steadily.

This year I have some goals I want to hit. My first goal is I want to promote to Pink. This means my life time sales have to hit $1000. I’m currently less than $200 away so this is very doable. I want to hit this goal by the end of February but I would love to hit it this month.

I also want to get 2 recruits by the end of 2016. I currently don’t have any recruits but I really want to start building my own team.

For me to hit my goals I need to start really working my business. Currently I haven’t really been posting much on Facebook and I haven’t really contacted many people with samples. This summer I plan on doing some vendor shows. That means I need to start building a little bit of inventory. I hope to gain a few new customers from doing shows. I also plan on poshing businesses. Small businesses in my college town as well as my home town need to be contacted and I would love to contact some small businesses on Facebook.

I have a giveaway coming up next month with a young youtuber. It was going to be this month but I didn’t bring the stuff home that I had wanted to send her so sadly that didn’t work out. I will update you the day the giveaway goes up with her channel and what you have to do to win the giveaway.

In the meantime, feel free to email my business email with any questions or requests for samples. I would love to talk to you about a business opportunity as well. My email is

Also make sure to check out my website  I would love to book some online parties with my readers as the hosts. If you would like to have a party please contact me, you will get great rewards.

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Organization Goals 2016

I’m going to be honest for a minute. My room at home is a disaster. It looks like a bomb went off. I really need to clean it and this year I’m going to.

My biggest problem is that I just have way too much stuff. A lot of it is stuff I don’t need or use. My first plan of action is to get rid of all of the stuff that I never use. If I don’t use it now I’m probably not going to. I’m sure I have a lot of stuff that will end up on Ebay. If I do end up putting things on Ebay I’ll let you all know.

I really think that cleaning up my living area will make me happier and healthier. My room is small to begin with but I really want to rearrange it to give me more space. I have already thought out a couple of ways to do that. If I change the direction my bed it facing it will open up the entire room and I will have a lot more space.

Because I’m in college the stuff in my room is just sitting there collecting dust. I have cleaned a little bit since I’ve been home on break, but since I have allergies I can only do about a half hour at a time before I have a headache and can’t stop sneezing. I want my room finished by the end of my winter break (1/25/16) but if I can only get it half done I will be happy with that as well.

I am actually embarrassed about how messy my room is so I’m not going to post before and after pictures, but I will update you all on if I actually was about to finish cleaning it or not.

Let me know what your organization goals are and what tips you have for getting organized and staying organized! Everything is very appreciated!!! If I end up figuring out some great ways to organize my stuff I will make a post on it!



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Finish 7 by Spring 2016

Hey everyone! I know I posted yesterday and a couple of days ago, and there will be one more post this week (making four including this one) but I really wanted to post this as soon as I could. I decided to do the 7 by Spring project pan again this year. The first day of Spring (and the day this project ends) is 3/20/2016. I plan on posting updates on the 20th of every month, so if there is progress made by the 20th of this month I do plan on posting an update.

Last year I was able to finish 5 out of the 7 products that I chose. This year I’m hoping to finish all 7 as I did choose some more realistic things. I do have one product that I already know isn’t going to work out so I’m going to replace that when I figure out what else will work out better but we will get to that shortly!

I plan on finishing my Nars Laguna Bronzer up completely.12467731_10205488372677417_1474120884_nThis is a sample size I got from someone in a trade (brand new) and I have used quite a bit of it. I had never used bronzer before this summer but I began to like it if I use a tiny bit of it. This is pretty close to my skin color so it looks really nice. I am surprised at how much progress is made but after I hit pan it started going pretty quick. I will probably repress this very soon because its hard to get my brush to pick up the amount of product I want. I have a lot of bronzers from subscription boxes so I really would like to move this one out of my collection.

I have a hard time using up blush, as I found out the last year when I did this product. I have NEVER hit pan on a powder blush though! For this Coastal Scents Forever Blush sample my goal is just to hit a good amount of pan on it. 12476006_10205488372597415_1884146216_nI’m working on the orange-ish shade and there is already a little bit of a dip in it, but it seems like the blush that will never end. I have used it so many times and there is barely any progress on it at all. I know there is absolutely no way I’m going to finish this blush before the end of this project, so I really just want to hit pan at least the size of my finger tip.

This gold shade from my Coastal Scents Revealed 3 sampler is also part of my Pan That Palette for this year. 12511558_10205488372557414_1477006324_nSince I use it as a lid shade its wearing down pretty evenly. I want to be able to at least use half of this by the end of this project. Since it is such a small shadow I should be able to do it if I use it every time I do my eye makeup, but if I’m unable to finish it completely I will be happy with just finishing half of it. I have a small dip in it, but I think I will hit pan on it by the end of the month. I will probably hit pan on the matte shade next to it around the same time because I like to use them together!

Surprise, surprise. I have another one of these Covergirl Natureluxe lipsticks. This one is in the shade tulip. 12467826_10205488372437411_476998023_n  If you read my 7 by Spring posts from last year, you know I finished up a red one of these (Peony?). This is just as old as that one was since I got them the same day. I REALLY need to move this out of my collection ASAP. I NEVER use it. Ever. I used it yesterday though and it is really pretty over top of liquid lipticks. It is pretty on its own too, but it adds a nice shine to the matte liquid lipsticks I have. I will mark where it is on the actual tube with a Sharpie when I find one!

I never use kohl liners. I only use the smooth ones like the Urban Decay eyeliners. This Lord & Berry eyeliner mini (1001 Black Silk) is brand new. 12506670_10205488372397410_1814614531_nI got it in a mystery bag from someone and I’ve never used it. Since it is so small I figured I would put it in here just to see if I have changed my mind about this kind of liner and how long it will take me to use it.

This is my dud. There is absolutely no way for me to use it. 12507031_10205488372357409_579370737_nThis is a Mary Kay eyeliner sample in Steely. I really wanted to give this a try, but as you can see the tip is super tiny. There’s no way to twist it up or anything. I tried to put it on my eyes, but it didn’t show up well because the tip was too short. I thought it MIGHT sharpen with an old sharpener, but the plastic was too thick and it just made a mess. I’m going to toss this and add in something else. I haven’t decided if I want to add a lip balm I’ve been working on or my makeup remover or a lotion, but I’ll figure it out!

Last but not least, I have this It Cosmetics CC+ cream sample. 12483554_10205488372517413_794342528_nI can’t show progress on this because the tip is broken where it connects to the tube so it just fills back up with air. That’s actually the reason I need to use it up ASAP. I know its going to become a breeding ground for bacteria and its almost gone (probably less than 5 uses). I wanted a product that I KNEW I would definitely finish so this was it.

Here is a swatch of everything in the order it was posted except the CC cream. 12468243_10205488372317408_1260802335_n

Definitely post the links to your blogs or videos if you are joining this project with me! I would love to see your progress and follow you!

❤ ❤

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Mental Health Goals 2016

To bring in the new year and start getting my blog going again I am going to make my next few posts about my goals for this year. I decided to break it up into different posts because I figured it would be easier to read for everyone that way.

This year I want to make my mental and physical health a priority. Being in college I sometimes stretch myself way too thin and then I just don’t want to do anything. This year I want to make sure I am giving myself time to settle and do things I want to do rather than just focusing on school work. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to focus on school work, it just means I’m not going to let myself get burnt out.

I personally struggle with depression. Its hard for me to deal with sometimes. Sometimes its hard for me to get out of bed. That being said, this year I want to work on getting my energy up and feeling better. I struggled a lot in 2015. A lot of people in my life passed away and it got very hard for me to deal with. I have been thinking about it and there are a few things that I can do that will probably help me start to feel better and be in a better mind set.

The first thing I need to do is get organized. I need to go through all of my things and get rid of absolutely everything I don’t need. This is going to take on its own post in a few days so stay tuned.

Another thing I need to do is make sure I am setting aside time to either relax or do things I want to do like sew or craft. It will make me happier in general because I will be doing things I love to do.

I also plan on getting a planner and making schedules for myself, that way I don’t have to worry about deadlines and procrastinating and then stressing myself out. If you have any recommendations on what planner to get please leave a comment below!!

One of the most important things I need to do is something I rarely do. I need to ask for help when I need it. If I am struggling with something in school I need to ask someone to help me. I tend to just stress about it instead of trying to get help because a lot of times I feel like asking for help makes me feel like I’m incompetent which is not true at all, but just how I feel.

Once I get back to school I want to work on my sleep schedule. I want to make sure that the lights are out at a certain time so I start getting tired, and I want to also make sure that after a certain time at night I stop working. I tend to do my school work at night because that’s when I usually have the time, but I really need to start scheduling it out so that I’m not working on school work at midnight if I have to be up earlier in the morning.

If you have any other tips please let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear what you are doing for your mental health this year.

❤ always


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Makeup Inventory and Goals 2016

Hello All! So last month while I was still in school I decided to go through all of my makeup and take an inventory of it. I put everything in a mini composition notebook and that is where I will be keeping track of everything just to keep myself organized. I only included makeup, no skin care or hair care. I encourage you all to go through all of your makeup and do the same thing I did. If you do and you post about it leave me a comment with the link! If you don’t make a post leave me a comment with your inventory!

I’m going to start out with my whole inventory and after that I will put what my goals are. My inventory has changed a little bit since I took it, but since I am home and I don’t have all of my makeup with me I can’t update it. If I do a purge I will update it. I will probably do an inventory update either every quarter or after six months. I will update my progress on my goals more often than every quarter, probably every other month.


Eyeshadow: 289 (Pan on 9)
Cream/Stick Shadows: 15
Eye Primer: 6

Pencil Eyeliner: 58
Pen/Liquid/Gel Liner: 14

Full Sized Mascara: 4
Travel Sized Mascara: 15

Full Sized Lipsticks: 32
Mini Lipsticks: 6 (20 Avon lipstick samples)
Chubby Lipsticks: 17
Liquid Lipsticks: 12
Lip Liner: 6
Lip Gloss: 34
Tube Gloss: 10
Lip Balm: 28
Mini Lip Balm: 6

Blush: 24
Cream Blush: 12
Bronzer: 6 (Pan on 1)
Highlight: 5

Foundation/BB Cream/Tinted Moisturizer: 14
Powder: 7
Concealer: 4
Face Primer: 8

So I have a lot of makeup. I didn’t even realize how much I had until I took an inventory of it. That is why I will encourage everyone to do the same. For the eyeshadows I counted every individual pan, so for example my E.L.F 96 eyeshadow palette counted as 96 eyeshadows. I did the same thing with blushes. Anything in a palette counted individually. A lot of my eyeliners are travel sized, so there are still a lot, but its not as much product as it looks like.


Hit pan on 20 eyeshadows total
Use up at least 1 cream shadow
Use up 5 pencil liners and 1 liquid liner
Use up 2 eye primers

Use up 2 lip liners
Use up 3 lipsticks, 5 glosses, and 4 lip balms

Hit pan on 2 blushes and 2 bronzers

Use up 3 foundations and 1 powder
Use up 2 face primers

I don’t know if I will be able to complete all of my goals but I am going to try. I wanted to keep it realistic, but if I can finish more than what I put in my goals that will make me very happy.

Please feel free to join my group PANtastic Project Panning on Facebook to follow my progress and tell me yours. I would love to get to know all of you in there!




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Pan That Palette 2016 Intro

I spent 2015 watching a lot of Pan That Palette YouTube videos and every time I watched one I thought about doing it myself. I decided that I want to jump on the bandwagon this year! However, I’m not going to pan one palette. I want to pan a couple of different little eyeshadow quads. I haven’t yet decided if I want to keep the quads separate like they are now or depot them and put them in a z-palette.

Along with the Pan That Palette project I will be doing other project pans throughout the year. I have a lot of makeup and I want to start working through some of it. Since I am subscribed to Ipsy and Birchbox I have been getting more makeup in the two boxes so even though I haven’t purchased many things I have things coming in once a month. I will make a post in a couple of days on what my goals are for this year as far as making progress on products. I will also include a makeup inventory in that post.

The first quad I’m working on panning this year is this Coastal Scents sampler. I got it in a trade with someone on Facebook. As you can see, there is no progress in this at all. It is basically brand new. I used the Regalia Purple and Mauve yesterday for the first time and I really like them but the other two haven’t been touched at all yet. I think Polar Bear is going to be the hardest one for me to use because I really don’t use white shadows. If you have any suggestions on how I should use it please leave me them in the comments!!pan 4

The next quad I want to pan is another Coastal Scents sampler. This one is kind of old and I haven’t used it that many times. There is a small amount of progress on all of the shadows, with the most progress on Ashen. I don’t use black colors very often but I’ve been learning to love them recently so hopefully I will be able to make good progress on them this month. pan 3

Next I have another Coastal Scents sampler, surprise, surprise! This came in either Ipsy or Birchbox over the summer. I really like this sampler. The maroon shade already has a little bit of pan showing and a big dip in the whole upper right hand corner. This wasn’t because I’ve used a lot of it. I dropped it and it broke and it keeps breaking more and more. The matte brown shade has a bit of a dip in it but it doesn’t show very well in this picture. I don’t really know how I’m going to use the color in the upper left corner. It doesn’t have very good color pay off, but I will work on it as best as I can. I might repress it so I don’t have as much of a problem with it because I really do like this shade a lot. When I finish this sampler I might actually buy the palette because I do really like the shadows in it. pan 5

Last but not least, I want to use up all of the small shades in this Rimmel London Scandal Eyes quad in 002. I hit pan on twp pf the small shades and I have almost hit pan on the other one. I don’t like using this quad at all. The colors are so pretty, but I cant get a brush to pick up the shadows well because of how small they are so I have to use one of the sponge tip applicators with it. I think I paid $1 for this at CVS a couple of years ago because it was 75% off and I had coupons. I’m not focusing on the middle shade for this one but I will use it throughout the year and if I make progress on it I will be happy, but if I don’t I wont really be upset about it. pan 1

Overall I’m working on panning 15 shadows. It is a lot of shadows but they are all small sizes and I already have pan showing on 3 of them and I am close on another 2. Some of the shades will be a challenge for me, especially the white one and the blue one, but I am determined to do this!

I’m not including my Naked palette in this project, but it is getting old and I feel like some of the shadows are starting to go bad so I will be working on it throughout the year as coordinating shades with the shadows in my Pan That Palette. This is where I am with it right now. pan 2I will continue to include pictures of it in all of my updates. I am very proud of my progress so far with this because I have pan showing on 4 different shadows. In this picture it only looks like 3, but the copper shade also has pan.

I encourage you all to join me in the Pan That Palette challenge this year. This is the third year of the challenge and a great way to use up the makeup you have spent money on. It was started by Amber F on youtube.

I would love for you all to join my new group PANtastic Project Panning on Facebook. It will be a great way for us to discuss our progress and help each other figure out ways to use the shadows that we are having trouble panning.

Put the links to your videos and blog posts of your intros down in the comments! I would love to see what everyone is working on this year! I plan on updating once a month, probably around the beginning of the month, but I will decide later in the month if it will be the beginning, middle, or end of the month. I’m leaning more towards the beginning though.

I love you all<3

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